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30-minute Intro Massage  | $50

Hands, feet, head, shoulders, face & neck are the focus

60-minute Relaxation massage | $85

One-hour full body treatment, the cornerstone to wellness, the most recommended session.

60-minute Relaxation with Aromatherapy*  | $100

A simple & powerful essential oil experience, both calming and energizing, that guides toward total balance.

60-minute AromaTouch® – Aromatherapy session | $100

Focusing on the AromaTouch® technique – relaxation / revitalization / balance using certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

90-minute Rejuvenation Massage | $120

When you are ready to go the extra mile, from relaxation to rejuvenation.

120-minute Empowerment Massage | $175

A full two hours combining relaxation, stretches & joint mobility for total body empowerment

3-hour Bridal Party Pampering  | $300+

A perfect complement to hair and makeup, a gift to get your bridal party ready for the Big Day. In studio or on-site.

1-hour+ Home Session | $100+

If you are unable to travel to our studio, I will travel to your home. Give a call, prices start at $100.

*Add Aromatherapy to any treatment |  $20

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